Data recovery

Data occupies an essential place in any business. It is the key element on which rests the development of the work of the business. It can be a matter of client contacts, commercial documents, marketing reports, strategic analyses…or from any other document that allows you to run your business daily.

Mindful of the importance that overlays the work of data for the SMEs, we have implemented a recovery service of internal data. For the difficult to recover data, we collaborate with two well-known businesses that specialize in the field, which allows us a semi-exhaustive recovery of your data.

We operate on all types of supports and storage systems on which your data is found: hard drives, SSD disks, smartphones, tablets, cloud server, etc. After a diagnostic of the device, we tell you the price and timeframe of our response. We hate for your free light to recover the maximum amount of data and restore it for you.

If you wish to dispose of your defective material, we have a process that guarantees that the residual data on your material will be destroyed irretrievably, thanks to a secure deletion software. You can thus rid yourself of your obsolete material in total security.

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