IT audit and advice

IT audit is an essential part of our work. Before any intervention, we implement a test of your IT resources. That complete summary is a base on which we are going to be able to develop an optimization strategy of your IT infrastructure according to your objectives, your work, and of the risks identified for your business.

The results of this inspection can be of different types: simplification of your IT architecture, security of your data and different access systems to the information of your business, sizable cost savings related to the operation of the management of your computer equipment, efficiency and flexibility of your information systems, etc.

A unique contact person for your network projects, we work in collaboration with your internal IT service teams, your IT manager, or any other reference person in your office. We adapt our offerings according to your needs and your resources, by finding adaptable and innovative solutions.

Our response can be constrained to the outcome of the inspection and of the advice of implementation to make your IT architecture more flexible, lighter, and less costly. But we can also accompany you in the establishment of maintenance and management of your computer resources, as well as of support and repair of your systems.

Get a free inspection as early as today by subscribing to one of our customized maintenance contracts for your SME.

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